The importance of good plastering in construction

Plasters are the most important part of the construction process. It is a coat that is applied to the walls. Plastering your walls properly is a necessity as it decides the strength of the building. It is something that needs to be done carefully in every part of the house. You need to apply proper coats of plaster on your house walls.

What is plaster?

Before understanding and getting some deep knowledge on the needs of plaster during construction you first need to understand what plaster is. Plaster is a building material that is useful in coating, protecting and even decorating the interior walls of the building. Whether the building is commercial like a workspace, or a residential place.

Plaster can even be useful to create some architectural moldings like ceiling roses, cornices, corbels, etc. Plaster is manufactured in the form of a dry powder that is converted into a paste by mixing water with it. Rendering is also a plastering technique but in this technique, the coat of plaster is being applied on the outer side. You can get help from a plasterer like plasterer in  Whitstable for this task. 

What is the need for plastering?

Plastering can be considered as the key step in the construction process. People do spend a considerable amount on plastering the walls, ceiling, etc. But what makes everyone wonder is the question what is the need for plastering? So here is an answer to it. Below are some helpful reasons that will make you understand what is the need for plastering?

  • The process of plastering helps in making the rough walls of the place smooth. 
  • It helps increase the durability and strengthen the walls as it covers all the rough surfaces and the rough edges.
  • If you want to have a completely appealing and sophisticated look for your house then plastering cann be a good choice as it gives a perfect finish to your walls. 

These are the reasons why you need to plaster your walls. You can take help from a plasterer like a plasterer in Folkestone to get your walls to get the perfect coats of plaster. 

Types of plaster

According to the type of bindeeer used there are different kinds of plasters. Here is a brief description about the commonest types of plasters. Have a look at them:

  • Gypsum Plaster: Gypsum plaster is also popularly known as plaster of Paris. This is the commonest plaster for the interior walls. It can be manufactured by heating the Gypsum material at 150 degrees Celsius. As it gets mixed with water the dry plaster powder gets reformed into the Gypsum material. 
  • Lime Plaster: A mixture of calcium hydroxide salt and sand particles is called a lime plaster. Certain times this is even mixed with animal hairs so that cracking can be prevented. At the same time, it also reduces shrinkage. 

These are a few types of plasters. 

Plastering is an essential need for building a new house, office, building, etc. it is always advisable that you take help from people who are experts in this job.