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Plaster Coving Kent

If you are looking to give your room a more traditional look coving may be an area you would like to consider, our team can supply and fit anything you can dream up. There are 2 main application we advise that have different Pros and Cons:
A professionally done coving job can instantly transform boring ceilings into a work of art. However, it’s the details that matter. Which is why we recommend our well-trained coving experts in Kent for the job.
Coving is a cost-effective alternative to other decorative ceiling features. And there’s more to it than what meets the eye.
Not all coving features come from a single mould. You can have it designed and installed to your individual specifications. If you have a vision for your next coving project, we can turn it into reality.
Based on your requirements, budget and design preference, we recommend one out of the two coving applications.

Plaster Coving Services in London

Polystyrene coving is often thought to be the cheaper choice, so it’s ideal for smaller budgets or if you just want a smaller, plain profile. Polystyrene coving is a more lightweight coving material, but it’s also quite soft and delicate. This material is easily damaged and requires great care to fit.

Polystyrene coving is also more absorbent than plaster coving, so it tends to need more coats of paint to achieve a smooth finish. In terms of cost effectiveness, polystyrene coving can be less expensive than other materials. However, you risk having to replace any broken or damaged pieces.
Polystyrene coving is a budget-friendly investment that’s ideal for spaces that are gently used. Polystyrene is lightweight and delicate and more susceptible to damage. It’s a profitable investment when installed in a guest room but it may not return the same value for a kids’ room. Also, when it comes to installation, Polystyrene coving requires great care and precision.
D. White Plastering has the tools, expertise, experience and the right adhesives to install Polystyrene coving and make it last longer. Our quality workmanship can turn something as cheap as Polystyrene coving into a valuable investment for your home.

Plaster Coving in London

Plaster coving, including paper covered plaster coving, is a more traditional coving material. The material is better value for large and attractive profiles, plus there are more profiles to choose from. So you can create more authentic period-style finish with detailed, unique patterns.

Plaster coving is generally heavier and more brittle. Installation is best done by two people with good knowledge of how to fit coving. On the plus side, plaster coving has a naturally bright and smooth finish, so it doesn’t need so many coats of paint. This is especially true for paper coated plaster coving, which needs comparatively less coats of paint.

Plaster coving is often thought to be the most attractive choice. Various mouldings like ceiling roses and door surrounds can be used to help you create a consistent design for the entire room.
Plaster coving is a relatively expensive yet more durable feature that lasts a lifetime. The finished surface is less absorbent than Polystyrene, which means plaster coving requires fewer coats of paint to achieve the desired finish. Moreover, it’s a valuable investment for a large, aesthetic profile. It won’t be wrong to say that plaster coving is a one-time investment that pays for itself in more than one way.
Plaster coving is heavy yet brittle. Therefore, it is still going to need a lot of care during installation. To save yourself from DIY failures and poor outcomes, delegate your plastering needs to D. White Plastering. We operate throughout London, Surrey and Kent.
Polystyrene Vs Plaster Coving

Polystyrene Plaster
Being highly absorbent, it requires multiple coats of paint Requires fewer coats of paint
Lightweight and Fragile Heavy and Brittle
Cost-effective Relatively expensive
Suitable for smaller, plain profiles Ideal for large, attractive profiles
Prone to damage Damage-resistant
Limited design possibilities Endless shapes and sizes

Give us a call today to discuss your needs, and we can help you choose the perfect material for your next coving project.

Coving Installation London

Are you searching for the best-coving installers in London? Here we are!

Coving not only decorates but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. That’s why D. White Plastering offers the best-designed coving installation for your home. We have over 22 years of experience in coving installation in London. Our coving specialists provide excellent services and ensure to give a very professional finish after installing decorative coving according to your preference. We have completed many projects of plaster coving in Kent, Whitstable, Gravesend, and London. We take pride in our high-quality work and excellent customer service. D. White Plastering is available 24/7 for all kinds of plastering work. We provide you with a price quotation upfront so that you are aware of the whole cost for the day.

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Great job as always.

- Allan Crust

Promt, friendly and professional service, thanks Dan for plastering my hallway.

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Dan done some walls, coving and ceilings in my house. work was done to very high standards would definitely use again

- Terry Parker

Plastered my Bedroom back in February. Extremely happy with the work and would definitely recommend. Will be using in the future.

- Ethan York

Amazing customer service. Professional and friendly. Fitted the job in last minute and could not have asked for a better service! I would never use another plastering service again!

- H Smith

Dan and his team are our first choice Plastering Contractor. Quality is first class and has never let's us down.

- Steven Rabson

Highly recommend, Dan did a great job plastering my kitchen. Will definitely use again.

- Charlotte Eaton

Mr. White patches some holes in my dry walls. The work was very neatly done and very tidy afterwards. Mr. White was respectful to my property and did a professional job.

- Anton Peters

Dan and his team did a fantastic job for us when our ceiling came down in our living room. Ace at communication, came out to see us promptly and gave a very reasonable quote, and completed the job in a very professional manner and left the room very tidy. Ceiling looks wonderful and we are so relieved to have a room that's now safe and looks great! Thank you so much.

- Johanna Coulson-dixon

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