Skim Over Artex and Plaster Over Artex Walls London


One of the key uses for Artex was in textured coatings which were used to create decorative finishes on ceilings and walls. It was particularly popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

How to Plaster Over Artex

Artex is a surface coating used to create decorative finishes on ceilings and walls. Artex allows a professional plasterer or decorator to add texture and patterns to it. It was particularly popular in the 1970s and 1980s. It was banned in 1999. So, if your building has Artex coating on the wall or ceiling, and you are looking to remove it, you might need our help.

Best Way to Skim Over Artex

Now is it possible to skim over artex? Yes, it is. Skimming over an artex is a good way to achieve a flat finish rather than pulling down a ceiling or re-boarding. One has to be very careful with Artex as it contains asbestos which is harmful for the health as one might breathe in the fibers. If Artex is in good condition then it is safe to skim over it with a new layer of plaster. This can also help to make the material safer as it will hold the asbestos and lower the chances of it getting disturbed.

How Much to Skim a Ceiling Over Artex

The cost associated with skiming a ceiling over Artex can vary depending on a number of factors. These include the size of the roof, the condition of the ceiling, the location, and whether any other service is required.

The range is just an estimate, and if you are looking for a more precise quote, our experts will be able to help.

At D White Plastering, we are committed to ensuring your living space is protected against the harmful effects of Artex. We can help with skimming over the Artex, fixing a false ceiling, or removing the Artex altogether. Our team of professionals takes necessary safety precautions to prevent Artex from posing any risks. 

Our work is thorough, and only experts with years of experience and training are led to skim over the Artex. If you are planning to overboard and plaster a ceiling, the price range can be on the higher end.

Ceiling Repair London

Are you looking for ceiling solutions? We, at D. White Plastering, can help you!

Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling with time can wither and pieces of plaster may fall off. This may call for some repair work. You may not know if the ceiling requires to be plastered all over again or if it needs some repair. This is where we come to your rescue.

So, whether it’s plastering the whole ceiling, fixing a faulty ceiling, fixing loose tiles on the ceiling, filling holes or cracks on the ceilings, or designing a new ceiling, we have a solution for everything. We can handle all kinds of installations and repairs. We can also insulate ceilings.

Ceiling Repair Contractors in London

With our years of experience and well trained team of contractors, you can entrust our team for repair and installation of all types of ceiling work. With multiple ceiling projects in our kitty, we are confident that our clients are extremely pleased with the results. We use just the right material and equipment and exhibit extreme professionalism while doing the job. We also make sure that nothing is left unfinished and we clean up after finishing the job.

Make sure you’re investing in quality workmanship by calling D. White Plastering. So if your next ceiling project can’t wait, get in touch with us today. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Plasterer for Wall Refurbishment in London

Refurbishment, also known as re furbs, is a process of cleaning, decorating and re-equipping and is generally carried out on old plastered walls and ceilings. A plaster wall or ceiling consists of layers of plaster over wooden lath and this plaster can break loose from the lath with the passage of time. This is where we come in picture.

Wall Repair & Refurbishment in London

We can restore your walls or ceiling’s original look or even enhance it. Also, the life of your building can be extended by our refurbishment work. For this, we first need to take a look and determine how much work needs to be done.

As experts in plastering, we can advise and provide practical solutions for walls, ceilings, floors and exteriors, giving the perfect aesthetic finish to the refurbishing project.

We have undertaken numerous refurbishing projects in the past. We use just the right material and equipment and exhibit extreme professionalism while doing the job. We also make sure that nothing is left unfinished and we clean up after finishing the job. This leaves our clients extremely pleased with the results.

Make sure you’re investing in quality workmanship by calling D. White Plastering. So, next time you want to get re furbs done, consider our budget friendly service. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Plaster Patch Repair Service on Plasterboards, Walls, and Ceilings

Just like we experience wear and tear in our daily use items, walls too experience withering with time. You start noticing a lot of patches on your walls where the bricks behind the plaster can be seen. But how are patches made? Whenever you remove a poster from the walls or try putting up a painting or a hanging on a wall, some of the plaster comes off. And, over time we start seeing a lot of patches on the walls.

How to Patch & Repair Plaster Walls

It’s probably time your walls need patch repair. A simple way to check that is to tap on the wall and try hearing if there is a hollow sound from the wall. If there is, it means that the plaster needs to be removed.

We, at D. White Plastering, are experts in doing that work for our clients. We check the patches and the condition of the wall and advise what needs to be done. Sometimes, it’s only the patches that need to be addressed, while sometimes we might have to remove the old plaster completely from the surrounding areas and work on the walls again, to give it a finished look. This may involve skimming and plastering.

So rather than worrying about the patches on your walls, and worrying about having to get done the entire plastering again, ask us for our suggestions. We will be happy to serve you.

Call us today for an exceptional patch repair service on your walls by a trusted and reliable plasterer in your area.

Dot & Dabbing London

Dot dabbing is a modern technique of fixing plasterboard to a solid wall by way of plasterboard adhesive. The internal surfaces are prepared with adhesive and plasterboard is applied to line the walls, prior to skim finish. The plasterboard is attached to a solid brick or block inner skin of a cavity wall by the use of dabs of adhesive or wooden battens. This creates a small gap between the plasterboard and the supporting wall. The technique of dot dabbing has become the preferred method of lining walls.

Dot dabbing is used where there is no stud wall to screw or nail the plasterboard to. Rather than having to build a stud frame first, it proves to be a quicker way by using a direct bond to stick the plasterboard directly to the wall. It is an effective way to dryline an internal masonry of brick walls.

We have undertaken numerous projects in the past that included dot dabbing. We use just the right material and equipment and exhibit extreme professionalism while doing the job. We also make sure that nothing is left unfinished and we clean up after finishing the job. This leaves our clients extremely pleased with the results.

So, next time you want to get dot dabbing done, but keep worrying about having to shell out a lot, consider our budget friendly service. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Plasterboarding a Wall and Ceilings in London

Plasterboard, also known as drywall, wall board, gypsum board, is used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. Plasterboard is sold under the trademarks Sheetrock and Gyproc across Cleveland and the United Kingdom. Through the use of insulated plasterboard the walls of the home can be insulated.

Plasterboarding a Ceiling

Plasterboarding a ceiling is an effective way to create a smooth, polished, and aesthetically pleasing overhead surface. The process can seamlessly transform your living space into a masterpiece while concealing any imperfections in the ceiling. The boards are known for adding an additional layer of insulation to the room, resulting in higher energy efficiency and savings. 

It is essential for UK homes to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the year, considering how swiftly weather conditions change. Additionally, by plasterboarding the ceiling, a living space opens up opportunities for design and creativity to flow in. 

Households can choose from a wide range of plasterboard sizes, shapes, and designs to pair well with their intentions. Furthermore, thicker plasterboards can provide efficient sound insulation for bedrooms, whereas thinner plasterboards can be paired with sleeker designs to match the decor theme. Plasterboarding creates more room to add a touch of personalisation to your living space.

Plasterboard is good for soundproofing particularly airborne sounds such as speech and music. Most common plasterboards come with the option of either tapered edge or square edge. While square edge is generally used for textured finishes, tapered edge boards are ideal for jointing and skimming.

Plasterboarding a Wall

Plasterboarding a wall can transform the functionality and appearance of a room significantly. The method involves creating a smooth and even surface that can be laced with finished touches for enhanced aesthetics. 

Plasterboards are usually attached to studs to create architectural design features such as eaves, arches and curved walls. These plasterboards can also be used to create walls against wet and moist surfaces, making them ideal for bathroom and kitchen spaces. 

Furthermore, plasterboarding on a wall also has soundproofing benefits, allowing occupants privacy and peace of mind. As plastering on walls is a versatile and easy-to-install process, it can be carried out for homes, warehouses and offices.

Contact D. White Plastering for Budget-Friendly Plasterboarding Service

We, at D. White Plastering, have undertaken numerous plasterboarding projects in our kitty and have left our clients extremely pleased with the results. This is because we use just the right material and equipment and exhibit extreme professionalism while doing the job. We also make sure that nothing is left unfinished and we clean up after finishing the job.

So, next time you want to get plasterboarding done, but keep worrying about having to shell out a lot, consider our budget friendly plasterboarding service. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Pebble Dash Repair Services in London


We also provide pebble dashing service for the walls. This is a method used on walls of the exterior and it proves to be very cost effective. Pebble dashing is generally done on surfaces where the brickwork doesn’t look good anymore. It adds a rustic look to the wall and is generally done on period properties where other means of redoing the wall would prove to be more costly.

How to Repair a Pebble Dash Wall

Pebble Dashing derives its name from the process of throwing pebbles on web cement or top coat of the render so that they stick to the surface. This gives the wall a weathered and textured look. When done nicely and efficiently on exteriors, pebble dashing can transform the look of the property completely.

A pebble dash wall is a unique addition to any living space. The designs have small pebbles embedded in a cement or mortar coasting. With long exposure to everyday use, the pebbles or stones in the wall often get damaged, posing a challenge to the wall’s appearance and structural integrity. The need for pebble dash wall repairs can arise to restore quality and prevent elements from reaching the core of the structure. 

  • To do so skillfully, remove any loose or damaged pebbles from the wall and clean the surface with a wire brush or pressure washer. 
  • Identify the extent and nature of the damage and whether it will require fillers or retouching will be more effective to match the surrounding surface. 
  • To reattach loose pebbles, apply a layer of superior-grade adhesive and press the pebbles firmly against the surface. 
  • Apply a coat of pebble dash render over the repaired areas to restore texture. 
  • Allow the pebble dash wall to dry. Protect the area from moisture to prevent any damage.

Some Good Solutions for Cracked Pebble Dash Walls

If your pebble dash walls are in need of a new and fresh breath of life, there are multiple options you can choose from. These options do not look superimposed as a last-minute fix but instead come across as a genius way of making the best out of existing decor. 

However, incorporating these fixes depends on the nature of the damage, its severity and the budget you are willing to allocate. Here are some good solutions you can use to make your cracked pebble dash walls seem like a work of art:

  • Consider using a filler to take care of small cracks.
  • Apply a layer of pebbledash coating to cover the wall and give a new uniform look to your wall.
  • Re-pebbledash the entire wall to give the wall a new lease of life.
  • Add a layer of insulation to the pebble dash wall to prevent moisture from leaking into the inner parts of the wall.

Plastering, have undertaken numerous pebble dashing projects in our kitty and have left our clients extremely pleased with the results. We even let you choose the type of pebbles or stone for the wall. You can either choose to do pebble dash with stones or even with jagged chippings. The chippings embed and stick with the cement better and stay for long. You can also choose to paint the stones for a finished look.

So, if you are looking to give your exteriors a transformed look, consider our pebble dashing service. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Rendering Contractors London

The exteriors of your property face harsh conditions throughout the year, be it winters, summers or monsoons, leading to withering of the external walls. With time, your walls may start to need some repair and touch-up. This is where rendering work comes into the picture.

External Rendering Company London

Rendering is another term for plastering on the exteriors. Render generally contains more cement than plaster as it needs to be weather-resistant. Render is a plaster that is applied to the exteriors of a building, like the exterior walls and the facade, to either give it a touch-up or add a layer of protection to the walls. Rendering is a composition of lime gypsum, sand and cement, bonding agents, drying additives and colouring. Lime gypsum gives the coating a creamy appearance and smooth finish. Finer sand is used in the rendering mixture to give it a glaze finish.

Over the years, our team has done a fantastic job in every rendering project they worked on. Be it a commercial rendering project or a domestic rendering work – our experts with technical competence have completed all types of rendering projects as per the client’s requirements. From removing the existing render surface to applying the new layer of cement render – our team does all the things to completely transform your house into a piece of art.

Plastering and Rendering Services on the Walls

Rendering services help you hide the damage on the walls, loose plaster, breeze blocks, messy brickwork or withered pebble dashing. Rendering also acts as a protective layer against natural elements, gives it a waterproof coating and offers external wall insulation
Our team has years of experience in working with various materials used in rendering. Whether you want a Monocouche renderacrylic rendersilicone render, lime rendering, or something else, just share the requirements with our team. We will take the necessary steps to fulfil your requirements. We can also deliver a coloured render of your choice.

White Plastering is a trusted name in the rendering industry. Here, we have undertaken numerous pebble-dashing projects and have fulfilled clients’ requirements in a professional manner. So, next time you want to completely transformyour exteriors but are worried about the rendering cost, consider our budget-friendly rendering service. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Plaster Coving Kent

If you are looking to give your room a more traditional look coving may be an area you would like to consider, our team can supply and fit anything you can dream up. There are 2 main application we advise that have different Pros and Cons:
A professionally done coving job can instantly transform boring ceilings into a work of art. However, it’s the details that matter. Which is why we recommend our well-trained coving experts in Kent for the job.
Coving is a cost-effective alternative to other decorative ceiling features. And there’s more to it than what meets the eye.
Not all coving features come from a single mould. You can have it designed and installed to your individual specifications. If you have a vision for your next coving project, we can turn it into reality.
Based on your requirements, budget and design preference, we recommend one out of the two coving applications.

Plaster Coving Services in London

Polystyrene coving is often thought to be the cheaper choice, so it’s ideal for smaller budgets or if you just want a smaller, plain profile. Polystyrene coving is a more lightweight coving material, but it’s also quite soft and delicate. This material is easily damaged and requires great care to fit.

Polystyrene coving is also more absorbent than plaster coving, so it tends to need more coats of paint to achieve a smooth finish. In terms of cost effectiveness, polystyrene coving can be less expensive than other materials. However, you risk having to replace any broken or damaged pieces.
Polystyrene coving is a budget-friendly investment that’s ideal for spaces that are gently used. Polystyrene is lightweight and delicate and more susceptible to damage. It’s a profitable investment when installed in a guest room but it may not return the same value for a kids’ room. Also, when it comes to installation, Polystyrene coving requires great care and precision.
D. White Plastering has the tools, expertise, experience and the right adhesives to install Polystyrene coving and make it last longer. Our quality workmanship can turn something as cheap as Polystyrene coving into a valuable investment for your home.

Plaster Coving in London

Plaster coving, including paper covered plaster coving, is a more traditional coving material. The material is better value for large and attractive profiles, plus there are more profiles to choose from. So you can create more authentic period-style finish with detailed, unique patterns.

Plaster coving is generally heavier and more brittle. Installation is best done by two people with good knowledge of how to fit coving. On the plus side, plaster coving has a naturally bright and smooth finish, so it doesn’t need so many coats of paint. This is especially true for paper coated plaster coving, which needs comparatively less coats of paint.

Plaster coving is often thought to be the most attractive choice. Various mouldings like ceiling roses and door surrounds can be used to help you create a consistent design for the entire room.
Plaster coving is a relatively expensive yet more durable feature that lasts a lifetime. The finished surface is less absorbent than Polystyrene, which means plaster coving requires fewer coats of paint to achieve the desired finish. Moreover, it’s a valuable investment for a large, aesthetic profile. It won’t be wrong to say that plaster coving is a one-time investment that pays for itself in more than one way.
Plaster coving is heavy yet brittle. Therefore, it is still going to need a lot of care during installation. To save yourself from DIY failures and poor outcomes, delegate your plastering needs to D. White Plastering. We operate throughout London, Surrey and Kent.
Polystyrene Vs Plaster Coving

Polystyrene Plaster
Being highly absorbent, it requires multiple coats of paint Requires fewer coats of paint
Lightweight and Fragile Heavy and Brittle
Cost-effective Relatively expensive
Suitable for smaller, plain profiles Ideal for large, attractive profiles
Prone to damage Damage-resistant
Limited design possibilities Endless shapes and sizes

Give us a call today to discuss your needs, and we can help you choose the perfect material for your next coving project.

Coving Installation London

Are you searching for the best-coving installers in London? Here we are!

Coving not only decorates but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. That’s why D. White Plastering offers the best-designed coving installation for your home. We have over 22 years of experience in coving installation in London. Our coving specialists provide excellent services and ensure to give a very professional finish after installing decorative coving according to your preference. We have completed many projects of plaster coving in Kent, Whitstable, Gravesend, and London. We take pride in our high-quality work and excellent customer service. D. White Plastering is available 24/7 for all kinds of plastering work. We provide you with a price quotation upfront so that you are aware of the whole cost for the day.

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