Posted on 28 , May

How to Prepare Before Plasterers Arrive

Preparing your home for plasterers isn’t rocket science, but a bit of prep can turn a chaotic day into smooth sailing. Whether you’re renovating your living room or giving your exterior walls a fa

Posted on 5 , February

What Are the Different Types of Rendering

In the world of construction and renovation, rendering is a term that frequently surfaces, yet its nuances are often overlooked. Rendering is more than just a final coat on exterior walls; it's a cruc

Posted on 16 , January

Tips on Choosing a Good Plasterer for Your Home Improvement

Congratulations- You have finally decided to give a makeover to your old home and make it look brand new, right? Well, that’s the reason you have landed right here, looking to choose the best plaste

Posted on 7 , December

Tips for Hiring the Right Plasterer for Your Home

When it comes to the matter of renovating your home or getting your home constructed, hiring the right professionals is of utmost importance to give your home the care that it deserves and provide it

Posted on 7 , December

Skimming Over Artex? Hire a Professional

Artex was a form of coating with a distinct structure that can be easily found in traditional and old homes, as it was a design style of choice back in the day. Many modern homeowners prefer to avoid

Posted on 21 , November

Pebble Dash Removal Cost Guide

In the 20th century, pebbledash became an increasingly popular choice for outside walls of a building. Its practicality and low maintenance requirements were appreciated by many. A lot of people in to

Posted on 1 , November

Tips for Choosing the Right Professional Plasterer

Plastering is essential to finish any property interior construction or renovation process. You will be required to hire a professional plasterer while renovating your home, building a new house, givi

Posted on 14 , September

Tips on Reviving the Interior of Older Homes

Older homes possess a unique charm that many homeowners find appealing. Additionally, older homes have innumerous memories attached to them which bind humans together. However, the realities of living

Posted on 23 , August

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Plastering Your Walls

Plastering is considered one of the most important tasks for new homes or remodelling. This material is used for coating, protecting, and decorating internal walls and ceilings. Not only does it incre


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