Reasons Plastering Is The Right Option For Your Home. 4 Points.

While building a home or renovating it you want to have the best options available. You want to make your house look outstanding with features and facilities that are very common within your peer group. Construction can become a monotonous process because of the very few options available in the market. It depends on your taste and budget how your home would look finally. Plastering is one such construction option that has more advantages than disadvantages. The robust finish and texture can be put to use both on the exterior and interior surfaces. Here is a list of reasons plastering is the right option for your home.  


The immense options that are available in plastering are unmatchable. Gypsum, lime, cement can be plastered on your house in many different formations. These can be customised into a variety of textures to suit your requirements. 

Plasterers in maidstone provide a wide variety of plastering options to their clients and see to it that the process of plastering happens as smoothly as possible. 

Plastering provides so much variety because it is capable of providing diversifying plasters according to sizes of the plastering material too. From pebbles to minutest cement plastering is suitable for everything. The poolside can be plastered with beautiful multicoloured pebbles and give it a more natural look. You word your need and see for yourself which need cannot be fulfilled with plastering options.


Plastering has the distinction of being durable and long lasting. They can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions very easily. This keeps them in a good condition for long periods of time. Unlike other construction materials and options any type of plaster lasts for a pretty long time without much maintenance and look out. This makes them an excellent choice especially for the exterior surfaces unlike wood which degrades very easily under moist and humid conditions. 


Plastering matches every kind of space without putting in much effort. You can plaster the exterior walls of your house or your garden fence without having to worry about whether it compliments the whole look or not. Partitions as well as false ceilings can be conceived and designed in plasters and look very natural as part of the total look. 

Plastering contractors in London believe that nothing can enhance the look of a space more than a good and a creative use of plastering.


Moulding plasters into various shapes in sizes that are possible is one of the most important advantages of plastering. Plastering professionals will understand your requirements and design the plasters to maximise the aesthetic appeal of your home. With other options you cannot design and mould materials to beautify your space. Beautiful plaster mouldings in the corridors and big rooms are quintessential of classical designs. 

Plastering is an excellent option for construction purposes. The most important factor that will determine the quality of your plastering is the people who have been assigned the job. Do a thorough research to find the people who are the best in the business and will be able to meet all your requirements. 

The 4 Main Types Of Plastering And How To Choose The Right One

A building whether domestic or an official is designed and structured based on a lot of factors. Budget is one of the most important determinants, so is the structural and spacious requirement. Whether a building is domestic or official the factors differ immensely. The interiors as well as the exteriors are to be designed with respect to the client prerequisites. 

Plastering of walls and ceilings is done to do away with the coarse exterior of the structure. This technique is employed to not only give a smooth structure to the building but also demarcate the spaces within the building. Plastering is an essential part of the aesthetics of a structure too. It is all up to client requirements that would help in finalising the plastering technique. Here is a list of some plastering techniques based on appearance and techniques of application.


The smooth coat finish cement plaster is the most widely used plastering technique for both interior and exterior surfaces of a building. This is ideal for setting a base for wallpapers or painting as far as interior building surfaces are concerned. The smooth base ensures the long lasting appearance of paints and other additions on the wall. Plasterers in Whitstable have the skill to do all forms of plastering.

A smooth coat is also ideal for spaces that would not want dust to accumulate on them. This is true for big size structures and exterior of buildings that are placed in high dust zones.


This type of plastering requires cement and crushed gravel. This mixture or mortar is thrown at a pre-plastered surface and is smoothened out after to make patterns and design. The roughcast plastering is useful for exterior walls. This technique can also be used for micro designing in interior spaces to give an exclusive effect. The contents and process of applying varies from technique to technique. This is a water resistant as well as crack resistant technique of plastering. Hence if you want to choose a long lasting option of plastering rough cast is your perfect choice. 

Plasterer in Maidstone are experts at installing water resistant plasters.


Pebble plastering is the technique of using multicoloured smooth surfaced pebbles of optimum, construction specific sizes. These are present in dark blue, dark green and grey colours. A thick layer of cement is required for the pebbles to stick on the surface and are then pressed onto the walls with the help of wooden floats. Pebble plastering is an excellent option for spaces where you want to create a natural vibe. Places like indoor fountains and swimming pools look super beautiful with pebble plastering.


Textured finish plaster is a unique form of plaster in which decorative and attractive designs are curated on cements and other surfaces. This is an exquisite technique that helps in making a space more attractive. It is a new form of plastering that has been introduced to cater to better and diverse tastes. It is very easy to install and can make a space look quite extravagant.

Choosing a pattern of plastering depends on clients but the implementation of any plastering always depends on the competence of the plasterer. Hence it is imperative that as a potential client that you choose people who are competent enough and have a good reputation.