4 Tips to Choose an Authentic Plasterer in London

You want to avoid unnecessary wall and ceiling replacement in the future. Therefore, you treat your walls and ceiling to revive their look this season.

An authentic plasterer is an expert at floating plaster, slabbing, spraying, and plastering interiors and exteriors. But finding such a contractor amongst dozens of businesses operating in London can be challenging. 

Therefore, we decided to do some research and put together a list of four tips to help you test the waters of every contractor you come across. 

So, let’s take a look:


If you want to get the best plastering done the first time, do not go easy on the experience of your plasterer. You cannot hire someone who has started working only recently. Each of their workers should be trained and hold a five-year practical experiences. Also, choose someone who is the jack of all trades and can render, skim, spray, and slab all on their own. Too much labour involved can lead to unnecessary inflation of your final bill. Therefore, find a workforce that is potent, experienced, and less in number. 


Knowing what you are paying for is paramount. Therefore, you need to ask questions related to their work to understand the material, labour, and workforce employed for the project. But before that, you need to build your knowledge base. Luckily, plenty of DIY forums and guides on Google will help you understand exactly what you should ask. Once you have read about how plastering works, draft your questionnaire for inquiry. Match their answers based on your expectations and see if they fit. 


It is best to keep many options open. Do not analyse just one contractor and draw inferences based on them. Instead, explore online communities on Facebook. Clubhouse and Discord to grab a few more options. You can also rely on your family and friends for some help. Generally, people do not talk about plastering and home renovations often; therefore, you may be surprised to know the number of leads you can get from your near and dear ones once you start the conversation on plastering. However, if both online communities and friends cannot help, trust local businesses listed on Google and check their reviews based on timing, speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and after-sale services before contacting them personally. 

Final quotation

Before signing the contract, get them to send a detailed quote about the labour prices, cost of materials, and services. Although most plastering firms in London would offer you a quote by themselves, many only share a peripheral version. The prime reason behind asking for a detailed version is- comparative analysis. If you know the exact price of material, labour, and service charges, you can compare them with other contractors’ quotes and choose the most economical (yet effective) one for the job. 

Final Thought

Best contractors are often open and transparent about their services. They do not shy away from sharing their exact experience, their working style, and the detailed breakdown of the price chart. Therefore, memorise these four tips before beginning your plasterer research.