Tips on Reviving the Interior of Older Homes


Older homes possess a unique charm that many homeowners find appealing. Additionally, older homes have innumerous memories attached to them which bind humans together. However, the realities of living in an old house can be daunting because of the wear and tear over the years. If you want to live in an old house, abide by the following steps to revive the interior of your home and add value to your property:

Smoothen the Canvas

The first step is to inspect the interior of the older home and identify the condition of the walls. If the walls are peeling and there is mould, you need to carefully wash and prep the walls. The next step is to freshly plaster the walls. You can use floating plaster to level up the surface. It is also an effective method to address cracks and imperfections in the walls so that you can achieve a smooth and refined finish.

Customise Textures and Finishes

Breathe a new look into the interior of your home by adding textures and diverse finishes to your walls. You can first choose to plaster over artex to achieve a flat finish, then select the different styles that complement the overall aesthetic of your home. Using the floating process, you can go for a polished look or retain its traditional charm.

Use Paint Purposefully

After the plastering is complete, you can opt for different paint options for your walls. You can select from high-gloss paint to matte and highlight the original architecture. Limewash is an ideal choice if you want to maintain the original aesthetics of the house.

Restore the Floor

One of the important aspects of your home’s interior is to check the floor’s condition. If the floor is sagging, you can use self-levelling underlayment in the problem area to even the floor. If you have access to the basement, you can further take a step ahead and prop up the joists by using adjustable steel columns or by sistering them using two boards and connecting them with bolts, nuts, and washers. You can also choose to replace the flooring with linoleum or ceramic tile for a smooth and durable surface.

Utilise Sources Pieces that Match the House’s Architecture

Include some of the old furniture in the home to maintain the timeless aesthetics of your home. For instance, if your home was built in the late 1950s, then a lounge chair can be the perfect addition to define that period. You can also creatively use furniture to elevate the storage spaces by restoring open cabinets or an antique hutch.

Decorate Old Art in New Ways

If you have rustic or old art, you can use them to redecorate your home. Place a few pieces in the entry, and you can also add an art wall along the side of the stairs. Styling your walls using a vivid collection of paintings can evoke a vintage feeling in your house while elevating its present beauty.

You can utilise these tips and tricks to revive the beauty of your old home. Tap into your creative side or seek the aid of professionals to implement the necessary methods so that you can cherish older properties without starting from scratch.