Tips for Hiring the Right Plasterer for Your Home

When it comes to the matter of renovating your home or getting your home constructed, hiring the right professionals is of utmost importance to give your home the care that it deserves and provide it with a meticulous finish and attention. With an experienced plasterer, your home can get the most perfect final touches, and you can efficiently maintain the aesthetics and foundation of your home. Here’s how to hire the right plasterer for your home construction project.

Conduct Research

A simple search engine directory and asking for recommendations from friends and family members can help you find a solid list of plasterers in your locality. If you are specific to locations, you can search for “plasterers in Dartford” to see services in that location. While some construction companies provide plastering services, others specialise in plastering and exclusively deal with it. Therefore, it is always better to go for services specialising in plastering to get the best results.


Always check if the companies that you have narrowed down are registered with the appropriate authorities and comply with local regulations in terms of licensing, credentials and insurance. This can help you prevent any kind of loss arising from the fault of the services and help you make the right decision.


Most reputed and trustworthy companies would have a genuine list of testimonials from their previous clients regarding the quality of their work. Asking them for references will help you gauge the kind of work they have done in the past and their commitment to the same. You can also read online reviews of their work and see if they fit your requirements and expectations.


Always inquire about how long the plasterers have been working and what projects they have handled. It’s better to know if they have been adequately trained and skilled. Ask about their expertise and the range of work they can offer in terms of types of plastering – traditional, modern, drywall, etc.


Communicate your requirements to the plasterers and let them know of any specific requirements that you may have, and by doing so, inquire about the quotes they are offering for the kind of work you expect. If the prices fit your budget, then well and good. Compare the costs for services offered and filter out.

Resources and Methods

It is always better to know the kind of materials that the plasterer uses and if they are equipped with modern tools and techniques to be sure of the quality of the work that they offer. Plasterers in Ealing are known to use the best kind of materials to complete their work.  Some materials can be of low quality and have detrimental effects on the human body; therefore, be sure that the plasterer uses the best quality materials.

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Once you have narrowed your options, fix the timelines after asking how many days they would require to complete the project. Would they need your presence for supervision? Payment schedules and formalities, etc, so that there are no delays in the work and you receive your house back in the best of condition in the shortest possible time.


Your home is your space of comfort, and therefore, it deserves the best treatment possible to maintain its charm. You can always go for skilled and experienced professionals who have dedicated years of service to construction work for the best of services. You always need to do a thorough background check of their skills and techniques to be assured that you are receiving the best possible work for your home. Give your home a much-needed glow-up with the most experienced and professional plasterers.

Skimming Over Artex? Hire a Professional

Artex was a form of coating with a distinct structure that can be easily found in traditional and old homes, as it was a design style of choice back in the day. Many modern homeowners prefer to avoid having an artex in their homes and wish to get it removed or updated. Skimming over the artex is found to be a popular choice for this, and many homeowners prefer the same to deal with the artex effectively. It can give your house an upgrade, but you must always hire a professional to do so and avoid any risks. Here’s how professionals can help.

Experience and Skill

Professional plastering services come with adequate knowledge to deal with such specific situations. They have been handling plastering work for years and, therefore, must have come across many challenging problems like skim over artex and other intricate work. With their skilled hands and years of training, they are most suited to give your ceiling a smooth finish without making it look imperfect or uneven.

Surface Work

To be able to skim perfectly over an artex, one needs to engage multiple layers of work and levels of preparation. The structure must be thoroughly prepared to make it suitable for applying the skim coat. Efficient professional plasterers are aware of the proper techniques to get the work done meticulously. You may gain access to DIY tools to get it done on your own, but without practical knowledge, you will likely do a shoddy job at it. Professionals will analyse the texture thoroughly and do what is needed to remove loose material and create a sturdy position.

Efficient Tools and Supplies

Professionals have the correct tools and equipment to do the job accurately. They have access to high-quality plastering materials to provide you with top-notch work standards. By using good quality material, they make the surface highly durable and give longevity to the structure. They seamlessly blend the artex into your ceiling and give you a flawless finish. They understand the materials already used in the house, and therefore, they use complementing materials to retain the charm of your home.

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Saves Time and Money

If you’re tempted to do a DIY project to save your money, you will most likely do an uneven task as you don’t understand the structures and mission well, and then you will eventually hire a professional and spend more money. Therefore, it is always better to hire a professional from point blank and get an efficient result. In your busy schedule, finding the time to do it yourself could also not be feasible. Keeping all of this in mind, the best recourse is to hire a professional plasterer in Canterbury.

Safety, Mess-Free

A professional plasterer knows how to clean as he works and knows how to protect the furniture or other structures of your house while working. Therefore, they conduct a clean job without creating much mess. They also retain the aesthetics and the value of your home.


Give your house the look you want with a professional plasterer’s experience, skill and meticulous attention to detail. Transform your home now with ease and convenience.