Floating Plaster Walls and Ceiling London

The process of floating is used to get perfectly flat surfaces. It is generally done with a float which is available in various types and materials including plastic, sponge or wood. These are built in a way so that they can float perfectly on the plaster. While wood float is used to give a slightly rough finish, sponge is used on surfaces that dry out quickly.

Floating Coat Plastering London

Floating is generally done 20-30 minutes after plastering the surface. Sometimes darby is used to level the plaster followed by floating. Float puts pressure on the plaster making it even and fills in the holes. Along with walls, floating is also done on the ceilings, on the plaster of exterior walls, also known as render and on concrete. It is also used to finish pointed walls and grout tiles.

Floating Plaster on Walls in London

We, at D. White Plastering, have undertaken numerous floating projects in our kitty and have left our clients extremely pleased with the results. This is because we use just the right material and equipment and exhibit extreme professionalism while doing the job. We also make sure that nothing is left unfinished and we clean up after finishing the job.

So, next time you want to give your walls a transformed look, but keep worrying about having to shell out a lot, consider our budget friendly floating service. We will be happy to serve you. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

Skimming Plastering in London

Skimming is applying a thin coat of mud to the wall to make it appear even and smooth. This gives the wall a plaster like appearance while also hiding imperfections, if any. Skimming is a much faster way of giving the wall a finished look as compared to plastering, which usually requires multiple layers of coats. Skimming is generally carried out on walls that have chipped or have developed cracks and is generally used as a base before painting the wall.

What is Skimming in Plastering ?

Getting skimming service done is normally left to the discretion of the clients whether they want skimming on the walls or not. For walls that look even and finished, you may choose to skip skimming. However, a lot of clients prefer to get skimming done no matter the condition of the wall, as it adds an extra layer to the wall thereby proofing it more against sound. Skimming also provides a perfect base for painting the wall.

Skimming requires a great amount of skills and we take pride in the fact that we, at D White Plastering, exhibit extreme professionalism while undertaking skimming service. We wouldn’t recommend you to try that yourselves, as achieving a flawless skimmed look on the wall requires years of experience.

Call us today for an exceptional skimming service on your walls by a trusted and reliable plasterer in your area.


With proven expertise in residential and commercial plastering projects, D. White Plastering is a trusted name throughout the London, Surrey and Kent areas. Established in 1998, we have seen the plastering industry grow and have experience with all kinds of materials used in plastering projects of all shapes and sizes.

Being a family run business, we operate locally and always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction through our exceptional plastering service. Our objective is to make irregular surfaces uniform and beautiful to look at, and we use quality material that hardens over time to prevent water ingress for decades to come. The walls become smooth, and can be easily cleaned, have a better appearance and are easier to decorate.

Plastering has often been considered a one-time investment that needs to be done right the very first time. We have handled all kinds of projects, from just a wall to the whole house. We are City & Guilds certified which make us skilled enough to take up your important plastering project. Our business model focuses on catering to more and more plastering requirements at an affordable price. And it works wonders for our bottom line and customers alike.

We absolutely don’t believe in wasting our clients’ time and money, which is why we make sure that every project that we pick meets your requirements and expectations from us. We adhere to very high standards and deliver the project on time.

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