Why Call A Professional For Repairing Damaged Plaster Patches?

There are times when you must have felt like donning the cap of Picasso and repainting the interiors of your home but seeing holes and cracks in your plaster walls must have deterred you. To start any interior painting project, it is important to prepare the surface so that the paint rightly adheres to the walls.

You should understand that repairing plaster walls isn’t difficult. If you are planning to get rid of plaster dimples and swirls associated with Artex ceilings, it is better to call a professional. A skilled professional having experience in plaster over Artex and repairing the plaster patch can take the look of your interior one step further.

Still thinking whether to do it yourself or call a professional? It actually depends on a lot of factors and some of them we have listed below:

How long will the repairs take?

Repairing plaster walls might take anything from a few hours to a few days, provided you know what you’re doing, depending on the size and extent of the damage. Professionals are likely to be able to do the task much more quickly as they deal with plaster walls on a daily basis. As a first-timer, you had to read guidelines. It will no doubt take you time until you get a hang of proper techniques. If you’re unclear about what you’re doing, it could be wasteful to continually pause and start the repairs because plaster dries rather quickly.

Tools of the trade:

The fact that the tools needed for repairing plaster patches are neither very specialized nor expensive is advantageous for DIYers because you can easily find these products at most hardware stores. One aspect that a competent plasterer has which is hard to come by: the right method for repairing plaster walls. Although it’s not too difficult to find the tools for plaster wall repair, the perfect method can only be learned through experience and practice, which many homeowners lack in comparison to skilled plaster professionals. Nowadays, there are a ton of online training videos available to help you learn the right techniques, but they don’t replace getting your hands dirty and practicing until you’re an expert.

Determine the Cause of Damage:

It’s crucial to understand the precise cause of the damage before beginning any plaster repair work. There may be a leak or broken pipes, in which case you should promptly remedy the problem by calling professionals. They will check the patches and condition of the wall. An expert will be able to tell whether they should skim over the Artex ceiling or check for asbestos. Plaster patch repair is not always as simple as working with drywall. Plaster, unlike drywall, needs to be placed in layers. So, if you’ve never repaired plaster on your own, it’s better to leave it to the experts.

So we are saying,

For a variety of reasons, plaster repair before painting is crucial. It first ensures that the surface you intend to paint can actually adhere to the paint. In the worst-case scenario, the broken plaster piece can collapse and even injure someone. Therefore, only experienced painting professionals should handle the plaster repair work.


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Dan and his team did a fantastic job for us when our ceiling came down in our living room. Ace at communication, came out to see us promptly and gave a very reasonable quote, and completed the job in a very professional manner and left the room very tidy. Ceiling looks wonderful and we are so relieved to have a room that's now safe and looks great! Thank you so much.

- Johanna Coulson-dixon

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