How to Prepare Before Plasterers Arrive

Preparing your home for plasterers isn’t rocket science, but a bit of prep can turn a chaotic day into smooth sailing. Whether you’re renovating your living room or giving your exterior walls a facelift, getting your space ready for the team can make a world of difference. Let’s dive into how you can set the stage for efficiency, safety, and top-notch results.

Clear the Work Area

First things first, give your plasterers a blank canvas to work with. Furniture, electronics, and personal items should be shuffled out of the room or covered securely. This isn’t just about protecting your belongings from dust and splatters—it’s about giving the pros the elbow room they need to work their magic. If moving everything out seems like herding cats, at least ensure pathways are clear and surfaces are accessible. Think of it as a game of Tetris, where every square inch of free space counts!

Protect Your Belongings

When plasterers get down to business, things can get messy. Dust has a sneaky way of finding its way into the nooks and crannies you thought were sealed. Use dust sheets or old bed linens to cover large items that can’t be moved. For smaller items, a simple plastic wrap job will do. This isn’t a time to cut corners—secure all coverings with tape to keep them from slipping. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Safety First

Safety is not a buzzword here; it’s a critical checklist item. Ensure all walkways and areas around the workspace are free from obstacles that could trip someone up. If you have pets or little ones, keep them out of the workspace. Plaster work isn’t child’s play, and curious paws and little fingers should stay at a safe distance. When looking for plasterers in London, find those who offer a variety of skills. Choosing someone local can reduce travel time and potentially the cost of your project and enhance safety.

Prep the Walls

If you want to make the plasterers’ job easier and improve the quality of the finished work, give your walls a once-over before they arrive. Remove any wallpaper, flaking paint, or old plaster that could undermine the new coating. A smooth, clean wall is like a blank slate for a writer—full of possibilities. If you’re not sure how to tackle this task, a quick call to your plasterers might save you a lot of sweat and tears later.

Set Up Access

Plastering can be like performing acrobatics, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Help out by setting up a sturdy ladder or ensuring there’s ample space for scaffolding if your project is a larger one. Accessibility can be the difference between a job done right and one that’s just alright. Don’t forget to secure any loose floorboards or carpets in the vicinity to avoid any missteps or trips.

Discuss Details in Advance

A stitch in time saves nine—this old saying holds when preparing for plastering. Have a chat with your plaster team before they arrive. Discuss the scope of the project, any specific concerns you might have, and what finish you are looking for. While preparing, you might ponder on the types of rendering suitable for your home, especially if you’re in a bustling city like London. This not only adds a layer of customisation to your project but also enhances the durability of your walls. Discuss all these aspects properly before starting. This dialogue ensures everyone’s on the same page and can often flag potential issues before they become headaches.

Utility Check

Verify that all utilities are in working order and accessible. Plasterers often need water and electricity to mix materials and run their equipment. Ensure that all necessary outlets are available and that water sources are not obstructed. It’s simple: no power, no progress!

Neighborly Notice

Depending on the scale of your plastering project, things might get a bit noisy. It’s good practice to inform your neighbours about the work, especially if you share walls. A little heads-up can prevent a lot of grief and grumbling from next door. It’s not just polite, it’s smart living.

Weather Watch

If you’re dealing with external plastering, keep an eye on the forecast. Ideal conditions can mean the difference between a smooth finish and a potential disaster. Plasterers appreciate it when homeowners are proactive about weather conditions—it shows you’re engaged and helps them plan their workflow.

Final Thoughts

Prepping your home for plastering isn’t about overhauling your entire living space but fine-tuning it to support the work to be done. By following these steps, you’re not just preparing your home; you’re setting up for a successful transformation. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in paving the road for those who will bring your walls back to life!


Great job as always.

- Allan Crust

Promt, friendly and professional service, thanks Dan for plastering my hallway.

- Freya Hubbard

Dan done some walls, coving and ceilings in my house. work was done to very high standards would definitely use again

- Terry Parker

Plastered my Bedroom back in February. Extremely happy with the work and would definitely recommend. Will be using in the future.

- Ethan York

Amazing customer service. Professional and friendly. Fitted the job in last minute and could not have asked for a better service! I would never use another plastering service again!

- H Smith

Dan and his team are our first choice Plastering Contractor. Quality is first class and has never let's us down.

- Steven Rabson

Highly recommend, Dan did a great job plastering my kitchen. Will definitely use again.

- Charlotte Eaton

Mr. White patches some holes in my dry walls. The work was very neatly done and very tidy afterwards. Mr. White was respectful to my property and did a professional job.

- Anton Peters

Dan and his team did a fantastic job for us when our ceiling came down in our living room. Ace at communication, came out to see us promptly and gave a very reasonable quote, and completed the job in a very professional manner and left the room very tidy. Ceiling looks wonderful and we are so relieved to have a room that's now safe and looks great! Thank you so much.

- Johanna Coulson-dixon

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