Adventure Awaits: Exciting Fun Activities for Families in Ashford Kent

Are you looking to plan a family day and in search of fun and engaging activities in Ashford, Kent? You're in luck! This article will introduce you to thrilling experiences that children and adults can enjoy together. Explore the variety of fun activities Ashford, Kent, offers, from adventures to cultural discoveries. Prepare to make memories with your family in this town.

1. Discover the Beauty of Westwell Leacon

Situated in the heart of Kent, Westwell Leacon is a paradise for nature lovers. With its awe-inspiring scenery and picturesque walking paths, it provides opportunities for exploration. Take your family on a walk or rent bikes to discover the countryside. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature as you wander through enchanting forests and meadows filled with wildflowers. Remember to pack a picnic and enjoy a lunch surrounded by the environment.

2. Unleash Your Side at The Creative Escape

For families interested in arts and crafts, The Creative Escape is a spot. Located in Ashford, this studio offers a variety of activities for all age groups. Spend quality time with your family painting pottery. Trying your hand at glass fusing.

The teachers are always available to offer guidance and motivation, ensuring an experience for everyone involved. Take home handcrafted mementoes that will bring back memories of your time together.

3. Step Into the Past at Ashford Museum

Experience history firsthand at Ashford Museum, a destination for families with curious young minds. Immerse yourself in Ashford's heritage through captivating exhibits that transport you back in time. Explore artefacts and displays highlighting the town's history and learn about critical moments that have shaped its identity. Engage your children with activities designed for young learners.

4. Reconnect with Nature at the Rare Breeds Centre

Situated on the outskirts of Ashford, the Rare Breeds Centre allows you to interact closely with endangered animals. Spend a day engaging with creatures like Highland cattle, pygmy goats and Shire horses. Let your little ones enjoy rides or hop on a tractor-trailer tour of the farm. With its countryside setting and exciting animal encounters, the Rare Breeds Centre offers an experience for the whole family.

5. Modern Family Fun, at Eureka Entertainment Park

For families looking for a blend of entertainment and adventure, Eureka Entertainment Park is a good choice. This indoor amusement centre offers a variety of activities that ensure plenty of fun for both kids and adults. From bouncy play zones to virtual reality adventures, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to challenge your family and friends to games or test your skills at mini golf in this family entertainment spot.

6. Relaxation and Recreation at Conningbrook Lakes Country Park

For a day out, head to Conningbrook Lakes Country Park, located outside Ashford. It's a peaceful retreat perfect for families seeking some downtime and recreational options. You can fish in the 35-acre lake. Rent a boat for a paddle on the tranquil waters. Take strolls along trails surrounded by nature while birdwatchers can observe various bird species in their natural habitat.

7. Cultural Exploration at Godinton House & Gardens

Indulge in culture and history with a visit to Godinton House & Gardens, a country estate in Ashford. Explore the Jacobean mansion, which has been meticulously preserved for generations, along with its gardens. Join guided tours to discover tales about residents, interior decor reflecting different art styles, like Baroque or Elizabethan and gardens featuring lush borders, scenic meadows, an elegant knot garden and impressive topiary artistry.

It's an opportunity to delve into life during a historical era when families, acting as Lords of The Manor, held significant ownership in Ashford. Families can also participate in events such as theatre performances held throughout the year.

8. Outdoor Thrills at Go Ape Bedgebury

When it comes to seeking thrilling experiences and adrenaline-pumping adventures, Go Ape Bedgebury is the go-to destination for families. Prepare to soar through the treetops on zip lines, navigate suspended bridges, and conquer obstacles. This exhilarating outdoor activity fosters community. It offers a thrilling setting suitable for participants of all ages. Test your skills on the treetop adventure course. Experience forest Segway rides for a one-of-a-kind family day at Ashford's own adventure hub.

In Summary

Ashford in Kent provides an array of engaging activities for families to enjoy together. From escapades to discoveries, there's something for everyone here. Make memories by hiking through the Westwell Leacon area, unleashing your creativity at The Creative Escape, and exploring history at the Ashford Museum or Godinton House & Gardens. Interact with animals at the Rare Breeds Centre. Have endless fun at Eureka Entertainment Park. For relaxation and leisurely pursuits, consider visiting Conningbrook Lakes Country Park. Whatever your family's interests may be, Ashford has something for everyone! Prepare yourself for a journey in this delightful town.

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