Local Favorites: Dive into Ashford’s Most Loved Tourist Attractions

Ashford is a quaint town nestled in the heart of the countryside. With its rooted history, culture and breathtaking scenery, this hidden treasure offers visitors a wonderful mix of past stories, exciting experiences and peaceful moments. In this post, join us on an exploration of Ashford's local highlights highlighting its most popular attractions. So, kick back and unwind. Let us lead you through all Ashford tourist attractions to visit in this charming part of the world.

Exploring Ashford’s History: Uncovering Its Heritage

Ashford is brimming with tales from the past, with maintained sites scattered throughout the town. One standout location is The Ashford Castle, dating back to 1228. This grand fortress serves as a tribute to the Irish era and offers visitors an enlightening peek into the nation's rich legacy.

Another noteworthy historical site is The Church at Independent Village. Constructed in the century as part of an Augustinian Friary, this striking church showcases architectural details that will enchant any history buff.

To experience life from the 19th-century perspective, make your way to The Forge Museum.
Nestled in a blacksmith’s workshop dating back to 1895, this unique museum provides a hands-on experience for visitors by displaying tools and artefacts used by local artisans centuries ago.

Embracing Nature: Discovering Ashford’s Natural Beauty

Surrounded by greenery and stunning landscapes, Ashford is a retreat for nature enthusiasts seeking peace and natural wonders. One known location celebrated for its views is Curraghchase Forest Park. Spanning across 700 acres of enchanting woodland paths and peaceful lakesides, this vast park allows visitors to connect with nature while enjoying mesmerising scenery.

Another beloved natural gem near Ashford is The Cliff Walk at Coolbawn. This picturesque coastal trail highlights the beauty of the shoreline. As you wander along the trail, prepare to be amazed by cliffs, crashing waves, and expansive views that extend as far as the eye can see.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit: Exciting Activities to Experience

Ashford offers a range of thrilling activities for adventure seekers and adrenaline enthusiasts. A popular destination for experiences is The Ashford Adventure Centre. Whether it's kayaking, archery, zip lining or rock climbing—this centre has something thrilling for everyone.
Unleash your adventure. Take part in exciting activities that will create lasting memories and give you a good dose of excitement.

For those who enjoy being on the water, Lough Eskitour is a must-visit destination. This beautiful lake offers plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing and stand-up paddleboarding. Enjoy the surroundings as you spend a day in the calm waters of this hidden paradise.

Indulge in Relaxation: Treating Yourself in Ashford

After exploring all that Ashford has to offer, it's time to relax and treat yourself! Treat yourself to The Spa at Ashford Castle for a revitalising experience. Located within an estate dating back to the century with views of Lough Corrib, this luxurious spa offers pampering treatments using natural products sourced from Ireland's pristine landscapes.

To tantalise your taste buds with dishes made with passion and care, visit Ashford's dining spots, which are known for their flavorful cuisines. From fare bursting with taste to globally inspired dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, there's something for every palate in this culinary haven.

Ashford’s Artistic Scene: Embrace Cultural Pleasures

With galleries and theatres aplenty, Ashford boasts a community that highlights the town's imaginative essence. The Hunt Museum is a must-see for art lovers, showcasing an array of artworks spanning over two millennia of history. Immerse yourself in the realm of art and culture while appreciating masterpieces by artists like Renoir, Picasso and Yeats.

For those in search of captivating performances, the Edmund Rice Theatre stands out as a suitable venue. From musicals to drama, this cosy theatre hosts a range of shows that promise entertainment experiences in the heart of Ashford.

Discover Local Life: Farmers Markets and Community Gatherings

To truly engage with the community. Experience the authentic essence of Ashford, and make sure to explore one of its lively farmer's markets. These vibrant hubs offer a selection of produce, handmade crafts, and delicious treats crafted by dedicated artisans. Interact with locals at these markets. Witness a glimpse into life in Ashford.

Furthermore, stay tuned for community events such as festivals or fairs taking place during your visit. Whether attending a music festival or taking part in an event celebrating local customs, these gatherings highlight the distinct traditions and vibrant energy that truly set Ashford apart.


Ashford’s rich historical background, breathtaking landscapes, exciting outdoor pursuits and luxurious amenities have solidified its reputation as a destination for travellers. Whether you're exploring castles, immersing yourself in nature's beauty, seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or treating yourself to experiences, Ashford offers a diverse range of attractions. So start planning your trip, pack your bags, and prepare to delve into the heart of Ashford’s sights—a world waiting to be explored by you!

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