Planning to Remove Artex? Here is a quick guide

You must have heard about the famous, not unpopular, Artex. For people who don’t know what it is, we can help you out. Artex is a stylish ground coating that is used on both walls and ceilings. An expert plasterer or specialist can add smoothness and shapes to Artex.

Artex interiors were popular among property owners mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, resulting in the existence of a lot of those decorative indentations and curls around currently. Many individuals are happy with one‘s Artex walls and ceiling, while others are resolute to get rid of them. We frequently decorate over Artex at D. White Plastering.

Is it currently feasible to skim over Artex? It is, indeed. Instead of knocking down a roof or re-boarding, skimming across an Artex is an effective method for achieving a plain finish. Artex must be handled with extreme caution because it contains asbestos, which itself is hazardous to one’s health if inhaled. Therefore, it is important to go for professional services to ensure that the work is done with precision.

Why do some homeowners want it to be removed?

Artex may be removed by property owners for the reasons listed:

  • Artex-patterned ceilings have fallen out of favour ever since the 1970s. Artex interiors can now truly depreciate a home.
  • It is extremely challenging to match new renovations to old Artex trends.
  • Artex that has not been damaged or painted is pretty much safe. Even so, many people dislike asbestos-based construction materials and therefore will use any opportunity to get rid of them.

Plastering on top of Artex

Unless you don’t believe extracting the Artex seems to be the best option for you, you could simply have it plastered over.

This is feasible; even so, you must first focus on ensuring that there aren’t any loose sections. If you wish to build it an even sleeker surface, to begin with, you might sand it down; nevertheless, this is not required.

You can contact D. White Plastering to know what is best for your ceiling. They provide a bunch of services at your doorstep without compromising the quality. One of the best services they provide is floating plaster services. Let’s look further into it and know how it can help you cover Artex ceilings.


The goal of ‘floating’ will be to guarantee that every component of the wall, especially the edges, is flat. Always keep the float completely flat against the wall. It will squeeze all of the peak levels into the recessions, resulting in a completely flat surface that is ready for the skim covering.

The goal is to achieve no over 2mm of noticeable holes or ridges. Floating must occur after the plaster has solidified. The most important thing to understand about this method is that to achieve the best possible results, you will need to introduce an expert. You want to make certain that you have somebody who understands what they’re doing, what is feasible, and, of course, the proper methods and materials to use.


Great job as always.

- Allan Crust

Promt, friendly and professional service, thanks Dan for plastering my hallway.

- Freya Hubbard

Dan done some walls, coving and ceilings in my house. work was done to very high standards would definitely use again

- Terry Parker

Plastered my Bedroom back in February. Extremely happy with the work and would definitely recommend. Will be using in the future.

- Ethan York

Amazing customer service. Professional and friendly. Fitted the job in last minute and could not have asked for a better service! I would never use another plastering service again!

- H Smith

Dan and his team are our first choice Plastering Contractor. Quality is first class and has never let's us down.

- Steven Rabson

Highly recommend, Dan did a great job plastering my kitchen. Will definitely use again.

- Charlotte Eaton

Mr. White patches some holes in my dry walls. The work was very neatly done and very tidy afterwards. Mr. White was respectful to my property and did a professional job.

- Anton Peters

Dan and his team did a fantastic job for us when our ceiling came down in our living room. Ace at communication, came out to see us promptly and gave a very reasonable quote, and completed the job in a very professional manner and left the room very tidy. Ceiling looks wonderful and we are so relieved to have a room that's now safe and looks great! Thank you so much.

- Johanna Coulson-dixon

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