Expert Tips on Painting Your House

Did you recently buy a new house? Are you planning to renovate your old house? Everyone wants to bring a new look to their houses. You sure need to paint your house, but that comes later. The preliminary step is to have the walls of your house plastered.

When you are looking for a plasterer in Folkestone, you can hire plasterers who have years of experience and know the industry for what it is. We recommend that you delegate this task to the ones who know how to do it best. The professionals provide well-finished services with both interior and exterior painting, painting ceilings and walls, plastering, renovations, and decorations, to name a few. However, if you want to get the plastering work done on your own, you can also go for that. We realise that it might be the first time that you may be undertaking this task. Therefore to help you in your endeavour, we have listed down some tips that the experts in the field provided for beginners below:

Tips From The Experts:

If you wish to paint the walls and ceilings of your house yourself, here are some tips from experts from plastering companies in London:

  • A freshly plastered wall needs to be completely dried before applying paint. The drying time can range from two days to a week, depending on the conditions. Factors that affect the plaster’s drying include the room’s surface, temperature, and ventilation. Plasterers advise you to wait for the skim coat of plaster to change completely from a dark brown colour to a much lighter pinkish-brown colour before you start to decorate.


  • If you use a standard water-based emulsion paint for the walls, do not apply it directly to the newly plastered wall or ceiling. The paint will not stick to the wall properly, which means you will have to repaint the walls soon. When using standard water-based emulsion paints, professional painters apply a “mist” coat to the dry plaster. A mist coat refers to a coat of emulsion that has been diluted. The plaster absorbs the excess water. This helps the paint to stick to the surface. When the mist coat has dried, you can paint the walls with a regular coat of emulsion. Then there will be no problem for the paint to stick to the walls.


  • You can prepare a Mist coat emulsion on your own. Alternatively, a readily prepared missed coat emulsion is available in the markets. Generally, a ratio of three parts emulsion to two parts water works fine. The correct measurement, however, depends on the thickness of the emulsion that is being mixed. You should make sure that the emulsion that you are using is non-vinyl in nature.


  • Once the paint has diluted, you need to cover the furniture and protect the carpets and yourself from the paint splashes.


Painting the house looks beautiful, but the process involves work on both the part of the painter as well as the house owner. Do your research well before arriving at a decision, so you can have a beautiful, cosy home to stay in.


Plastering of hallway, lounge and kitchen

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Skimmed plaster board ceiling in our bathroom

Perfect from start to finish. Arrived to give a quote at the agreed time, arranged a date and work was carried out to a very high specification. I was very pleased with the service. I would not hesitate to use or recommend D White Plastering any time in the future.

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